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Our Story

It was a perfect summer morning in July of 2011, and the waves looked great. Without waking his fiancee (now wife) Kinsey, Rob Beaton rolled quietly out of bed and grabbed his surfboard. He was eager to get to the beach to catch a few waves before breakfast, but there was one big problem: Rob couldn't find the beach badges! Kinsey had been the last one to go to the beach, but the beach badges were nowhere to be found.

The search turned frantic. Not wanting to wake Kinsey, Rob decided to take the gamble and zoomed out the door without a beach badge. He got lucky -- he slipped onto the beach just barely before the badge checkers arrived.

Rob knew that he almost missed out on such a beautiful surfing session. Brainstorming in between waves, Rob knew that there must be a way to better organize the beach badges to avoid these problems in the future.

Kinsey awoke that morning to see Rob sitting at the kitchen table, scribbling on a scrap of paper. Looking up at her, Rob announced, "Honey, I've invented something... I call it the Beach Badger!"

By the way: The beach badges had been pinned to Kinsey's beach bag (unbeknownst to Rob).

Kinsey and Rob haven't lost a single beach badge since that fateful morning, and they owe it all to their new invention. Each time they return from the beach, they hang their Beach Badger on a coat hook near the front door so that it is always ready to go and easy to find.

After refining the product over the course of several years, Rob and Kinsey are now proud to share the Beach Badger clip-on beach badge carrier with fellow lovers of the Jersey Shore!

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